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Welcome to our pages! Tales of Anieth is a Bronze Age grahic novel series. Tap the button to explore this series and this world. Tap the art button for A.R. Stone's portfolio, art instruction, and illustration. The Tarot button will lead to pages about the Tarot and our two decks. On the marketplace site you can see and select products that you may want to have for yourself or a friend. The writing button is personal, including autobiographical information and blogs. The Edible Eden is my raw foods/gardening site. If you simply want to order from Sygkrafeas, the order button will take you to a secure page there where you can place an order.

Our publishing arm at Sygkrafeas is where you can go for more information about our books, cards and other offerings. The Western Way button contains two different sites on Western mythology, spiritual practice and actual magic disciplines. Pride of Europa is the first in a new science fiction series of graphic novels. Tap the button to find our more. The Tetramagika button leads to most of the animations and writings of a game we designed. Tap the Taurean Age button to read my articles on archeoastronomy, myth and European starlore. The myth button leads to pages on story archetypes and the four-fold way.

Feel free to write us email as well at: info(at)sygkrafeas.com (you must paste this address in your email and change the (at) to an at sign.)
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