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Anieth Deck

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This deck has 75 cards in the minor arcana, with five suits: cups, wands, blades, stones and cords. As explained in the page about the deck, the five suits are to go with the political arrangements of the Clans of Anieth. This deck has many color images of scenes from the books.


Designed by Lucia Shields, the deck's major arcana is connected with the Earth players that went to Anieth to re-enact the Zelosian invasion. They played this game for many years and the books Aveldonacc, Drakkis and the Burning Bride explain this situation Aveldonacc has these cards and some of Lucia's notes.


The deck is also based on much of the research done by the players on European mythology as explored by Graves and Frazer and Campbell. It is hoped that a deeper understanding of the work of these mythographers will be appreciated by those who desire it. The cards have a correct "feeling" to them based on the symbolic correspondences of the cards.


The name changes and addition of a fifth "royal" cards in the minor arcana is designed to give some sense to social memes passed on from Europe. The Muse (Princess or Page) cards are so named to give more sense to the spiritual passage through different levels of the royal cards. Protectors are more heroic than the classical "knights" but acting in a defensive way. The Queen cards show the transformation of the female body to produce children, yet also mean the transformation of the basic elements of the suit. The King cards have been renamed "mentors," the primary duty of the father to inspire and teach the next generation. The Sage cards are the culmination of the spiritual path represented by the suit.

Nature Deck

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This deck was designed for my sister and other people who do not care so much for Fantasy. The images are based on the natural images from the books and the other deck. This is a traditional deck with 78 cards.

Killing Tree

The deck is also heavily symbolic, based on the work of mythographers such as Joe Campbell, Sir James Frazer, and Robert Graves. The major arcana is designed to correspond to the Celtic Ogham alphabet. The suits are in the four colors of the first four legs of the spiritual journey, shown in the Anieth books and talked about on various pages.

Killing Tree

Although there are no people in the royals or in the major arcana, the animals were considered for their similarity to actions and tendencies in humans, who have mimicked their behaviors over centuries. This work is explored in greater detail by Paul Shepard's Thinking Animals The natural forces in the major arcana have been renamed in some cards to allude to the real meaning of the forces.


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